Eugene Woodbury

Eugene's novels

Fox & Wolf Peaks Island Press 11/2012
Serpent of Time Peaks Island Press 12/2011
Tokyo South Peaks Island Press 07/2009
Angel Falling Softly Zarahemla Books 07/2008
The Path of Dreams    Parables Publishing 08/2006

Kate's novels

Tales of the Quest Peaks Island Press 09/2016
Lord Simon Peaks Island Press 08/2015
Richard Peaks Island Press 10/2014
Aubrey Peaks Island Press 04/2014
Persuadable Peaks Island Press 02/2013
The Gentleman & the Rake    Peaks Island Press 09/2012
Mr. B Speaks! Peaks Island Press 06/2011
A Man of Few Words Peaks Island Press 07/2009


Osamu Tezuka

Triton of the Sea 1 Digital Manga 08/2013
Triton of the Sea 2 Digital Manga 10/2013


Maohden 1 Digital Manga 07/2012
Maohden 2 Digital Manga 08/2012

Demon City

Demon City Shinjuku Digital Manga 10/2011


The Demon Princess 1    Digital Manga 02/2010
The Demon Princess 2 Digital Manga 11/2010
The Demon Princess 3 Digital Manga 11/2010
The Demon Princess 4 Digital Manga 08/2011

Yaoi novels

I Want to Bite Digital Manga 09/2010
Better Than A Dream Digital Manga 05/2008
Like A Love Comedy Digital Manga 07/2008
Nuganai Otoko 1 Digital Manga 11/2006
Nuganai Otoko 2 Digital Manga 03/2007

Ai no Kusabi

Ai no Kusabi 1 Digital Manga 04/2007
Ai No Kusabi 2 Digital Manga 03/2008
Ai No Kusabi 3 Digital Manga 07/2008
Ai no Kusabi 4 Digital Manga 11/2008
Ai no Kusabi 5 Digital Manga 04/2009
Ai no Kusabi 6 Digital Manga 07/2009


"A Picture of My Father" Popcorn Popping 09/2006
"Blessing Giver" Sunstone Magazine 11/2005
"Following Joe Morgan" Cricket Magazine 09/2001
"Giraffe in a Sailor Suit" Clubhouse 09/2000
"Heart of Stone" The New Era 03/1995
"Taking License" The New Era 02/1995
"Sister Cavenaugh" Latter-day Digest 05/1994
"Balanced Equation" The New Era 05/1994
"The Pride of Lions" The New Era 01/1993
"Subway City" Japanophile 04/1987
"Electric Summer" Cricket Magazine 08/1986


"A Promise Not Worth Keeping" Irreantum Summer/2003
"The Gardens of My Discontent" The American Gardener 09/2001
"Shutting Down the Start Up" BugNet 04/2001
"Send to Door to Door Service" BugNet 03/2001
"The Skinny On FAT" BugNet 03/2001
"USB & FireWire" BugNet 11/2000
"Public Education in Japan" Daily Gazette 07/21/1990

Sunstone Foundation

"Pelagius and the Fools" Academic paper 08/10/2007
"Blessing Giver" (short story) Moonstone Award 2002

Utah Arts Council

Utah Original Writing Competition
The Path of Dreams (novel) Honorable Mention 2002
Pascal's Ghosts (novella) Second Place 2000

Vera Hinckley Mayhew Awards

"Little America" (short story) Third place 1988
"Outskirts" (essay) Second place 1986
"The Long Goodbye" (short story)    Third place 1985
"Number Games" (short story) Second place 1984


Quick English Homestay COMTEC/LTI 1997
Quick English Junior INS/LTI 1995

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