Path of Dreams

Maps & locations

BYU QuadThe Path of Dreams is based on my experiences as a Mormon missionary in Tokyo, the year I spent teaching English in Osaka, and my graduate studies in TESOL at Brigham Young University, during which time I worked as a TA in the Writing Center (during my tenure called the Reading/Writing Center).

Sometimes, though, the more things change, the more they keep changing. (For a more detailed view of where things stand today, please refer to this map.)

The BYU Humanities Department has since moved from the Jesse Knight Humanities Building to the Joseph F. Smith Building. The JKHB was subsequently gutted, reburbished, and reopened in 2008 as the Jesse Knight Building (JKB), where it continues to house the Writing Center.

The MARB is due south of the library. Due south of the Wilkinson Center (WSC) is the Crabtree Building (CB), where Connor attends church.

International Cinema moved from the Kimball Tower to that awful little theater in the Wilkinson Center. However, I do utilize the additions to the Wilkinson Center and the new atrium to the library (HBLL) constructed after I graduated.

Across East Campus Drive from the Wilkinson Center is the Law School, which borders Ninth East and the "Tree Streets" to the east. Melanie's condo is a block up from Ninth North on Ninth East. The Provo Temple is northeast of the campus.

Also at variance with reality is the consolidation of the Kobe and Osaka missions into a single mission in 1995. My descriptions of the Kobe mission home are also my own invention. (The Kobe mission has since been reopened.)

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